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Virgil spent the last ten years of his life writing The Aeneid while living in the Naples region. Book Six of his work features the Phlegraean Fields as the real-life setting for Aeneas’ journey into the underworld. He likely lived in Posillipo. He also left an egg inside a castle. Myth and legend blend together here. What’s fiction and what’s truth? Most important to remember for Naples is that Virgil not only is said to have prophesized the coming of Christ in his Eclogues, but Naples is where the long history of syncretism between the pagan gods and Christianity began. That’s debatable, of course, but see for yourself along this tour:

Sibyl’s Grotto

Entrance to Hades


Castel dell’Ovo

Virgil’s Tomb

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If you enjoy personal narrative, take Virgil’s Journey Through The Phlegraean Fields to get a feel for how this ancient Roman may have passed the time in this region.