Feb 13

The Sybil

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The sibyl of Cuma foretold wars and wrote her oracles on oak leaves which would often blow away, but which she would not help her listeners re-assemble. Sibyls were known for their trancelike states and shuddering voices; Michelangelo thought that the sibyls were so important that he seated five on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. The Cumean Sibyl, in particular, is depicted as a dark complexioned woman with wrinkles and muscular build. She reads a large manuscript, perhaps the Sibylline books.

Antro della SibillaThe fourteenth century humanist, Giovanni Boccaccio, devoted a chapter to the sibyl in his Famous Women, in which he called her a maiden named Almathea or Deiphebe. Boccaccio claimed that she preserved her virginity and had a sanctuary near Lago Averno where she made many predictions…

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Of course, by the time Virgil wrote about the sibyl, she no longer existed, so what comes down to us today is a blend of myth, fiction, and history.

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