The Espresso Tour

The history of Neapolitan Caffe is both original and long. I maintain that coffee history on the continent of Europe actually begins several centuries before 1615, the date coffee historians traditionally cite. In fact, coffee is cited in medieval manuscripts in Campania already between the 10th-13th centuries. The espresso tour takes you through the people, places, and espresso twists of the city. Here are some of the delights:

The Neapolitan Flip-Over Coffee Pot (or macchinetta napoletana)

Tin sculpture artist: Riccardo Dalisi

Coffee and Health

Vincenzo Corrado

Cold Coffee Cream

Caffettieri Ambulanti

The Barbajata

Cappuccino in Naples

Caffe Chantant

Caffe Gambrinus

Da Portare

Zucchero Crema

Caffe Tiramisu

Gran Caffe Pignatelli

Nut Caffe at Galleria Umberto

Nut Caffe at Piazza Garibaldi

The Morocco

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