Nooks of Naples

The nooks of Naples came about as a way to describe some of the gems of the city, but I wanted to make sure they were short enough to read in the time it takes to drink an espresso. Many of the nooks turned into the tours, but I selected the following gems because they generally never make it into the guidebooks or because my descriptions add an idiosyncratic twist to any Naples visit:

Caravaggio in Naples

Soccer in Naples


Basilica in Capua

Nisida and the Sirens

St. Thomas Aquinas

The Veiled Christ

Statuaria Sacra

Cappella Pappacoda

University of Naples

Palazzo dello Spagnolo

Naples Botanical Gardens

Villa Pignatelli

Torre del Palasciano

Miglio d’Oro

ANM Elevators




Salvator Rosa

Rua Catalana


Colonnese Bookshop


Naples Banzai Club

Antica Pizzeria Port’Alba

Brandi’s Pizza

Monte Faito

Japanese Restaurants

Where to eat tripe

Making Out, Italian Style

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