The Grotto Tour

Grotte di PastenaThe nature lover, the spelunker, or children who want to climb and jump far away from museums will enjoy a grotto & cave tour. The porous tuff stone makes grottoes particularly abundant in this region. Geologists will tell you that a natural grotto is defined as a small cave near water that is liable to flood at high tide. The word comes from the vulgar Latin grupta meaning “crypt.”

Going from southern Italy and Naples to Rome, here is the tour:

Grotta Palazzese

Grotta dell’Angela di Pertosa

Emerald Grotto

The Blue Grotto

The Bourbon Tunnel

Crypta Napoletana

Grotto di Seiano

Entrance To Hades

Tiberius Grotto in Sperlonga

Grotte di Pastena

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