Sugar Cream and The Brasiliano

In many café-bars throughout Naples, baristas ask if you’d like to have a spot of zucchero-crema (sugar-cream) in your cup. If you say yes, they daub a teaspoon of the fluffy concoction in a tazzino, then put the cup under the espresso maker.

At the famous Moccia Caffè (established in 1922) they gave me the recipe:

  • 1.5 kilograms of granulated sugar;
  • 20 shots of espresso;
  • Blend together in a mixer until you have a frothy tan cream.

Sugar-cream adds a sweet-syrupy taste to the espresso. It also means that you have to stir a long time before taking that ever-satisfying coffee gulp.

Cafe Moccia in Naples, ItalyMoccia is located on a narrow street several blocks from the seafront and one block away from the modern art museum, PAN or Palazzo delle Arti Napoli, which offers temporary exhibitions of artists from around the world.

Caffè, too, has an international flair in Naples. A reigning favorite coffee beverage throughout the city is the Caffè Brasiliano. Caffè Moccia gave me their recipe for this too:

A small glass cup is filled with an espresso shot. A half teaspoon of cacao is sprinkled on the shot as well as zucchero-crema. Next milk foam, made with whole milk and foamed only until silky, is poured to the rim of the cup. At last, some cacao is sprinkled on the foam.

Via San Pasquale a Chiaia 21/22, Naples